Welcome '61 Owls to our 56th Class Reunion. We will be meeting
this year at the
Berry Springs Lodge
from April 28th thru May 1st.
If you need a room, please check with the lodge for availability. If
you just want to stop in and visit with us for a spell, feel free to do
that also. We are hoping for a large crowd and looking forward to
seeing everyone there. Until then, take care and have a safe trip.

Another long weekend in the Smokies has come and gone and other
than the wild swing in temps everything was just perfect.
The most
important thing is getting to spend time with "Old Friends" and that
we had in abundance.  Thanks to everyone in attendance and especially
to Elenora, JoAnn, Shirley and Joyce for doing what they do to make
our reunions a success.  Also to Patrick, Sue, and Melissa for putting
up with us for another year.  We will be back for our 57th next year and
hope to be able to fill the lodge.  Take care and we will see you then.

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