Welcome To The 1961 Owls
55th High School Reunion

This is called the back pond at the Berry Springs Lodge where we are
going to be gathering next month for our 55th class reunion. This year's
four-day event will run from April 29th thru May 2nd and, as always, feel
free to come by and visit with us whenever you can. We're looking forward
to seeing everyone there so until then, please take care and be safe!


We came and we gathered. We hugged and we laughed. We shared a lot
of memories and we may have lied a little bit too. All in all we had a very
good time at the Berry Springs Lodge
again this year with dear old friends.
Thanks to everyone involved in making all of the arrangements, those in
attendance, those who came by Saturday and Sunday, and especially
Patrick, Sue and Missy for putting up with us again this year.


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Thanks to Emma and Sue for the extra pictures ..........