Welcome To The 1961 Owls 53rd Reunion


It's getting close to that
time of year again when the '61 Owls head to the mountains

for our annual high school reunion. This year's event, our 53rd, will be held at the
beautiful Berry Springs Lodge in Sevierville, Tennessee.  Our long weekend will run
from Friday, April 25th, thru Monday, April 28th, but if you can't make the three day
event, please try to stop by and visit with us when you can.  We are looking forward
to seeing everyone there.  And as always, please take care and have a safe trip!


Congratulations Class of '61 for pulling off another very successful reunion.  Our new
venue this year, The Berry Springs Lodge, proved to be all we had hoped it would be in
that we enjoyed a beautiful setting, great accomodations, and a staff that seemed bent
on making our stay a pleasant one.  Thanks to all the classmates who were able to attend 
the event this year and a special thanks to those who were responsible for planning and
coordinating this 53rd reunion of ours.  
We will be returning here next year to celebrate
our 54th reunion and are sincerely looking forward to seeing everyone there.  Until then,
please take care of youselves, be safe and let's try to keep our names out of the paper.  

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Thanks to Sue and Emma for the extra pictures