Who would have thought when we graduated in 1961 that we would still
be meeting
for a reunion 50 years later. But we did and on our last day all
the talk was
how everyone was looking forward to our 51st next year. This
reunion was special to us for several reasons. It was our 50th, we had our
largest turnout in several years, and all the usual suspects showed up plus
some first time attendees and several old friends of our class. Dr. Burgin
Wood and his wife Jo and Darryl and Helen Ross spent some time with us
as well as classmates Pat Carroll and Bob Smith with his wife Linda. Thanks
again to Joyce for her organizing efforts, Roger and Renee Johnson for
supplying the D J and for each and everyone of you who by simply attending
this event and sharing fellowship with your classmates have helped to make
our 50th reunion such a success. All of us are certainly looking forward to
seeing everyone at our 51st next year and until then may God continue to
bless and keep safe this wonderful group of classmates and friends. 

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Thanks to Sue Powell for the extra photos......