Our 43rd reunion is a few weeks away and we're looking forward
to seeing everyone at The Von-Bryan Mountaintop Inn
March 26
thru March 28 for our group's annual "Mountain Retreat."


A Class Reunion Poem

Soon I'll be going with some classmates of mine
on a trip that travels through past distant time.
43 years have gone by since that long ago May,
when we all stood together on graduation day.

Everyone talking at once. Old friendships renewing.
Where do you live now? What have you been doing?
Hugging, laughing and shedding a few happy tears.
Trying to catch up on all that had happened in years.

There'll be a moment of silence, as we bow our heads,
remembering dear friends that have gone on ahead.
In a future reunion, we shall meet them again....
close in our hearts we will keep them til then.

The bonds that we forged years ago are still strong.
The connections we made will last our lives long.
No matter where we go.....or what our address,
The fond memories remain of our time at L.H.S.

Adapted from a poem by Margaret Hodapp


Who could resist joining this group for a weekend of fun?

Come by and see us. Put your feet up and sit a spell.

We'll leave the light on for you...............


L.H.S. Class of 1961


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