In this vast garden

we call life, May we plant

good thoughts and grow

happy memories and may our

sunny days always outnumber

the rainy ones.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at The Von-Bryan Mountaintop Inn

Tom & Imogene


Post Reunion Blues

Well we came, we saw, but since there was nothing to be conquered we
merely reverted to hugging, swapping old tales, reminiscing and making
up for lost time. I can best put my feelings of our reunion in one sentence.
When we left Sunday morning I started missing you guys before I got to
the bottom of the hill. I sincerely hope everyone enjoyed our 40th reunion
as much as I did. If so lets do it again real soon. Each of us carries a personal
set of memories for the rest and we need to share those memories as often
as we can. Until then be well, take care and lets keep
in touch.



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